Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fallen Horizon: Brotherhood ,Honor ,Sacrifice

Best fans and crew,
Me and thefreemaniac decided to change the title to'' Fallen Horizon Brotherhood, Honor, Sacrifice''.
This is the official name now.
The movie will last 30 minutes and the story is 90% own inspiration.
It is 40% done we rebooted the beginning of the movie with new mods and storyline.
Movie genre: War, drama and action

Two missions About the Navy SEAL team 6 (DEVGRU)
Objective is to capture the terrorist leader that has connection with Osama Bin Laden.
A group of qualified SEAL team six and highly selected Delta forces chosen by the CIA and leaded by the CIA are sent in.
Each Delta Forces operator is selected because of their outstanding leadership skills.
So if one dies they can continue the mission with their own instict and initiative.
They all will face the worst scenarios.

Director: MrSix aka thefreemaniac and thelonewolf
Producer: thelonewolf and MrSix aka thefreemaniac
Cast: MrSix aka thefreemaniac, .Vaas., Saket, Grizzly, Deadlus and Fabiano
Test candidates: MAC97, iSpam

Want to join? read very well and take your time,then you will know how.
good luck

Some scenes :
 1) Funeral scene
2) Village scene
3) Driving scene
 1. Lonewolf 
2. Freemaniac 
"Movie Clip"

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