Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bravo Team clan COD5 modpack!

Bravo Team COD5 clan
First total war clan and the best one!

Hello people, i am back from school/exams and those shit whit something epic!
well,it is a clan modpack..i wont share it whit anyone,it is cool and epic and WOW! FUCKING EPIC!

You seem want it,am i right?
if yes...
You must first join the clan and be it member for 1month to show that you will be loyal not a clan switcher or those shits like i used before...
Here the server IP which we play on it 

Okay! here a picture of the mods :p 

Download link of "pictures" :3

HostName: [0.3e] COD5 - Total War -
Players:  * / 500
Ping:     100
Mode:     COD5 TW v2.12
Map:      San Andreas

And it forums :
Our clan topic if you are intersting to join us and have fun whit us and roleplaying

Bravo team founder is [COD5]Nikolai[BT] ex-level 5 TW HR manager, now he is
level 2 admin! and the best staff, which fired me xD for beging immature ;D

Download link of the modpack : Not for all, it is for Bravo Team clan members!