Thursday, January 31, 2013

[REL] COD-MW3 desert eagle

Ha! finally! i converted the COD-MW3 's desert eagle which was pain in my ass to convert it :3

Some picture in-game : 

Download link :

[REL] M4A1 from COD-MW2

Hi,this M4A1 whit M203 Greand lancher, i converted it from call of duty MW2,it replace M4.dff/txd only!
hope you like it.
if you need any help post it in chat-box i will check it and answer you.

Some picture in-game : 

Download link :

Enjoy it.

Oppa GTA SA style!

hahah! my friend in facebook sent to me this anim "oppa gangnam style" :D
and told me to upload it in my blog and share it there whit everyone!
lets dance oppa gangnam style! heyyyy sexy MAC97! opa opa opa!

P.S : I do not own this anim! :p

how it work? press c in-game and turn on the music!

See it in this video! ^

Download link


[REQ] F 18 Hornet Black Reflexion

Hi all, my friend [BT]Blackwolf requested me to re-skin this F18 plane
I added to him "BT clan logo" and i give credits to the original converter/maker
if he checked my blog,please post me your blog link so i check if you are the original maker not faker.

I just re-skin it.

Here some picture : 

Download link of the F18 :
Enjoy it all and Blaclwolf (:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[REL] COD-MW2 44 Magnum by MAC97

Hi,this is my convert Call of duty MW2 44 Magnum by me, this replace desert_eagle.dff/txd 
Enjoy playing ;3 and have fun guys!

Download link :

Fallen Horizon: Brotherhood ,Honor ,Sacrifice

Best fans and crew,
Me and thefreemaniac decided to change the title to'' Fallen Horizon Brotherhood, Honor, Sacrifice''.
This is the official name now.
The movie will last 30 minutes and the story is 90% own inspiration.
It is 40% done we rebooted the beginning of the movie with new mods and storyline.
Movie genre: War, drama and action

Two missions About the Navy SEAL team 6 (DEVGRU)
Objective is to capture the terrorist leader that has connection with Osama Bin Laden.
A group of qualified SEAL team six and highly selected Delta forces chosen by the CIA and leaded by the CIA are sent in.
Each Delta Forces operator is selected because of their outstanding leadership skills.
So if one dies they can continue the mission with their own instict and initiative.
They all will face the worst scenarios.

Director: MrSix aka thefreemaniac and thelonewolf
Producer: thelonewolf and MrSix aka thefreemaniac
Cast: MrSix aka thefreemaniac, .Vaas., Saket, Grizzly, Deadlus and Fabiano
Test candidates: MAC97, iSpam

Want to join? read very well and take your time,then you will know how.
good luck

Some scenes :
 1) Funeral scene
2) Village scene
3) Driving scene
 1. Lonewolf 
2. Freemaniac 
"Movie Clip" 

Monday, January 28, 2013

[REL] F14W re-skin'ing by me.

Hi,this F14W re-skin'ed by me.
credits of models maker : AZE and Rutler_3 
I added Bravo team logo and Egyptian/Argentina 's flag :)

Hope you all like it and enjoy 8)

Some pictures : 

Download link :

[REL] Egyptian special force skin

Hello Egyptian people! i have re-skin'ed our "ARMY SKIN" :)
the original maker of the skin is "paul98" i just re-skin'ed it,he conserve it etc
credits go to him for make it,more soon :)
i added Egyptian logo.

Credits : 
Paul98 for making/convert the skin
MAC97 for re-skin'ing the skin and adding Egyptian logo

Some pictures : 

Download link :

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Porsche GT2 by me

Hi all,one of my friends "UGPShanu" from an random server helped me and learned me how to make and convert cars to gta san andreas :) [zmodeler]
I convert Porsche GT2 from Need for speed under cover, i like it!
hope you like it too,enjoy!

Some pictures : 

Download link :

Bravo Team Vehicle

Bravo team clan vehicle
This vehicle for Bravo team members,they can use it :)
well,you people use it :p
and want to join BT clan? apply in our topic in COD5 forums,and respect our application format ^^
Credits of the original model :  Yohsuke
Credits of re-skin'ing "adding BT logo" : Colt
Download link : DOWNLOAD

New friend of mine.

Well,a friend of mine in COD5 forums his name "[PR]Colt[BT]"
will post his mods and upload it to here so you enjoy our mods ^^

welcome Colt *g*


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bravo Team clan COD5 modpack!

Bravo Team COD5 clan
First total war clan and the best one!

Hello people, i am back from school/exams and those shit whit something epic!
well,it is a clan modpack..i wont share it whit anyone,it is cool and epic and WOW! FUCKING EPIC!

You seem want it,am i right?
if yes...
You must first join the clan and be it member for 1month to show that you will be loyal not a clan switcher or those shits like i used before...
Here the server IP which we play on it 

Okay! here a picture of the mods :p 

Download link of "pictures" :3

HostName: [0.3e] COD5 - Total War -
Players:  * / 500
Ping:     100
Mode:     COD5 TW v2.12
Map:      San Andreas

And it forums :
Our clan topic if you are intersting to join us and have fun whit us and roleplaying

Bravo team founder is [COD5]Nikolai[BT] ex-level 5 TW HR manager, now he is
level 2 admin! and the best staff, which fired me xD for beging immature ;D

Download link of the modpack : Not for all, it is for Bravo Team clan members!